Tips on how to adopt a dog


Getting a new dog at home can be, done in two ways: purchasing a dog or adopting a dog. Former being mode of monetary transaction is always accessible and available while the latter is a sign of generosity, love and dedication. Before you conclude on adopting a dog, you should know many things beforehand. Adoption is generally a method of saving a dog’s life, rather than getting a dog alone.

How to adopt a dog

  1. Conclude what type of dog will suit you:
    Choose a dog that suits your lifestyle, environment and behaviour. If you get a St. Bernard for your 1BHK apartment, it is definite that your apartment will not for more than 12 hours! Research enough to decide what type of a dog you need. Do you need a small or big dog? Do you need a dog that sheds too much hair? Do you need a hunting companion or living companions? Make sure you have the checklist that suits your wants and wishes.
  2. Research for all accessible animal shelter people
    When you decide to adopt a dog, it is good to look out for all places in your vicinity to adopt. Don’t just go to one place and conclude on adopting one there. Maybe your sweetheart is in the rescue dogs. Check up information about the rescue centres for different type of dogs as well as amiable animal shelters run by families.
  3. Make sure all at home are enthusiastic about adoption
    When you decide to adopt a dog, you must make sure that everyone at home is enthusiastic and excited about the same. If anyone at home is disappointed, against or rebutting the decision of adopting a dog, you must try to convince them, resolve the issue or not decide to bring a new dog into such a negative situation. This will create negative vibes in the dog as well.
  4. Test-walk with the selected few dogs
    Never select a dog by his looks. When we purchase or select anything new to bring to our lives, we make sure that we know our options and alternatives. In the same way, one must make sure that interaction is, carried out with all canines that you wish to take home. This interaction can be, judged by the way the dog behaves around you. Take your selected few canines for a test-walk and take decision only after this interactive round.
  5. Check on the dog you select at two different timings:
    After doing a primary test-walk, do a secondary test-walk at a different timing so that you clearly understand that the behaviour you boned with was not dependent on something else. Simply out, this act will ensure you the right behaviour of the dog, rather than a firsthand impression. Dogs tend to react differently at different times.
  6. Do not buy pups from puppy mills:
    Puppy mills outlets found at your supermarket or malls always have pups from abused or over-bred mothers. This tends to create pups of inferior traits. These pups are, bred only for sale, or for business. Now that you have decided to adopt a dog, you must make sure that you have a good, natural and good pup that has neutral characteristics as you know about the breed of the same.
  7. Look out for older dogs:
    As you want to adopt a dog, older dogs that are subject to divorce or death can cause many dogs to astray. When you have decided to adopt a dog, it is good to choose an older dog as they have previous experience and training of obedience. Therefore, the older dog you are getting is a bonus package!
  8. A barking dog is not an angry dog
    Never judge that a dog is bad, based on its barking instincts. When you go to a shelter, you will notice that there is continuous barking going on at all times. It is natural for a dog to follow the barking of another dog, almost instantly, and you must understand that it is not barking at you, while he does this!
  9. Give the smiling dog a chance, even if he is showing his teeth!

Good Luck!