For bathing your dog or cat without water. Removes odors, excess oils and stains from animals coats. Great for animals that don't like baths, sick dogs and cats, old dogs and cats and young kittens and puppies.

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Natural Chemistry Waterless Bath 24 fl. oz Pet Shampoos Pet Supplies

  • Safely and easily removes odors, excess oils and stains from animal coats
  • Waterless bath contains an aloe conditioning agent that moisturizes pet's coat leaving a fresh, clean smell
  • 100% all natural enzyme Formulation
  • A natural enzyme product combined with aloe vera
  • Soothing to skin
  • Great for spot cleaning of pets
  • Spray and brush in coat and blot or let dry
  • Free of alcohol, fragrance, bacteria, soap and shampoo ... Read More
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