The muli mat is a versatile, multi-purpose cage furnishing that is made of all natural hand-woven grass that is safe to chew. It can be folded to make a grass hut or can be used as a floor mat or door or ramp cover. Pets love the texture and owners love the versatility. Measures 8-inch width by 17-inch depth by 1/2-inch height.

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Ware Manufacturing Natural Handwoven Grass Multi-Use Pet Mat for Small Animals Woven Grass Mat For Rabbits Pet Supplies

  • Made of All Natural Hand-Woven Grass
  • Natural Texture that Your Pets Will Love
  • Use as a Floor Mat, Door Cover, Ramp Cover or Even Make a Hut
  • Completely Safe for Your Pets to Chew
  • Measures 8" Width X 17" Depth X 1/2" Height ... Read More
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