Vet's Best the widely trusted natural health care line for pets, has been applying natural science to its formulations for more than 28 years: Veterinarian-invented, natural ingredients and natural health systems. Vet's Best uses only the highest quality natural ingredients across all of its formulas. We could talk about our natural ingredients from sunup to sundown. But, if the products didn't work, it would be a pretty meaningless conversation. So let's just say you can count on our ingredients being carefully selected for the highest possible quality. And thoroughly researched to assure each product has the balance of ingredients that is most effective for whatever the product is created to do. Our shampoos are naturally formulated for every pet's bathing needs. For dogs plagued by allergy misery, our soothing formula will make it all better. This combination of oatmeal, D’Limonene and tea tree oil calms the itching and washes away allergens attached to the fur and skin. Plus, botanical oils are gentle enough on skin to use as frequently as needed. It will not disturb topical flea control.

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