The Universal Dog Seat Belt is a pet restraint device designed to help protect you and your pet while traveling in an automobile. This dog seat belt is just like a regular seatbelt, only it is for the protection of your dog, cat or pet who could be seriously injured if the driver had to suddenly slam on the brakes or if the vehicle was involved in a car accident. It also protects the occupants of the car because in an accident without a dog restraint your pet may become a object that could hit and injure the passengers of the car. The dog seat belt also prevents your pet from distracting or jumping on the driver by allowing your pet to only move a specified distance, designated by you, laterally closer or further from a window, in the front or rear seat. The Seat Belt attaches easily to your pet's harness.

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Universal Dog Leash Auto Car Automobile Seatbelt Adapter Seat Belt Dog Leash – BLACK Automotive Pet Harnesses Pet Supplies

  • SAFETY: keep your pet safely restrained and secure in vehicle while driving
  • VERSATILE: adjustable strap that allows pet to sit, lie down or stand comfortably
  • UNIVERSAL: fully adjustable and attachable to all vehicle seat belt receptacles
  • VALUE: get our value packs for multiple dogs or cars and save money!
  • DETAILS: adjustable length from 16-27 inches x 1 inch width ... Read More
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