During those colder months, keep your pets comfortable for hours on end with the MOTA MyWarmPet Heat Pad - the safest way to supply soothing warmth for your pets. Simply place the MyWarmPet Heat Pad in the microwave, and in as little as 5 minutes, the heating pad quickly heats up and stays warm for up to 12 hours (please set time based on wattage of microwave). By using a thermapol compound, the warmth inside will evenly distribute throughout the whole heating pad, so your pet won't experience any overly hot or cold spots. With no electrical wires or toxic materials inside, you can put your mind at ease as your favorite furry friend snuggles up to the cozy warmth of the MyWarmPet heating pad. The heat pad is a perfect product for any pets of all ages and sizes. The calming warm sensation of the heating pad is perfect for training new puppies, or supplying heat to older pets. The washable and removable fleece cover features an adorable animal-friendly design. So show your love for your pets and give them a well-deserved rest with the MOTA MyWarmPet Heat Pad.

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The Original MyWarmPet Heat Pad - Microwave Pet Heating Pad (Pet Warmer, Microwavable Safe Heated Pet Pads) Microwave Pet Bed Warmer Pet Supplies

  • Pet Lover's #1 Choice Heating Pad- the MyWarmPet is used and recommended by vets, breeders, rescue centers, kennels and catteries worldwide. With no wires, toxic materials or required assembly, the MyWarmPet is the best and safest way to keep your pet's favorite spot cozy
  • The MOTA MyWarmPet quickly heats up in your microwave in a matter of minutes. Non-electrical, plate-sized heat pad provides up to 12 hours of continuous safe and soothing warmth. Comes with a cute jacket to add some ... Read More
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