The Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness is designed with pets' safety and comfort in mind. Strength-rated straps attach to a fully-padded vest, with a breathable inner layer for optimal pet comfort. The safety harness integrates with the vehicle's seat belt system, thus providing range of motion while traveling, but in the case of a sudden stop, locks in place to keep pets secure. This totally new design provides optimal safety and has been crash-tested in a DOT-certified facility according to leading industry standards. The harnesses have also undergone extensive static testing to 3000+ lbs. to ensure strength and durability. (Full testing details can be found on Solvit's website.) In addition, the harness is compatible with an optional 3-point attachment accessory, which connects to child safety seat anchors in the vehicle and is sold separately. Our safety harness also improves safety by reducing driver distraction so make sure and buckle your pup on every trip! We've included a handy walking leash attachment point to make it easy to transition to and from the car. The Deluxe Car Safety Harness is available in four sizes: the Small fits pets from 6-25 lbs.; the Medium fits pets from 20-55 lbs.; the Large fits pets from 45-85 lbs.; and the Extra Large fits pets from 60-120 lbs. This item is covered by Solvit's Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

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PetSafe Happy Ride Certified, Crash-Tested, Comfortable, Durable, Dog Safety Harness, Small Pet Supplies

  • CRASH-TEST CERTIFIED: Small, medium and large size safety harnesses are certified crash-tested
  • SAFELY SECURE: Proper fit is important; to best protect your dog, please refer to the sizing chart to confirm measurements before ordering
  • COOL AND COMFORTABLE: The harness has a fully padded vest area with a breathable liner to keep your furry friend comfortable during travel
  • DECREASED DRIVER DISTRACTION: The safety harness keeps your furry friend snugly secure in their ... Read More
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