This coop cup securely bolts to any wire cage to hold water or food. Removes easily with a twist of the wingnut. Easy to clean and extremely durable. Made of 14/4 stainless steel (14 percent chrome/4 percent nickel). Available in 16-ounce. Measures 5-4/5-inch length by 5-1/2-inch width by 2-1/2-inch height.

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ProSelect Stainless Steel Coop Cups — Versatile Coop Cups for Pet and Animal Cages, 16-Ounce Pet Bowls Pet Supplies

  • Perfect for pet and animal cages
  • Easily and securely attaches to a cage
  • Removes easily with the twist of a wingnut
  • Made of durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel
  • Also available in 8 oz, 26 oz, and 64 oz sizes ... Read More
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  • Feeding and Watering

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