PoochieBells Dog Potty Training Doorbell, easily and quickly potty train any age dog/breed to ring their PoochieBells when its potty time. Each PoochieBells comes with easy to follow, proven training instructions. Simply hang your PoochieBells on the inside of your door handle (or small hook next to your door) and follow our easy training instructions.

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PoochieBells Verified Potty Training Dog Doorbells, Simple and Effective Puppy Housetraining Bell Tool with Easy, Step-by-Step Instructions, Black, PB-SOLIDBLACK, 26" L Pet Door Doorbells Pet Supplies

  • A quick solution to those embarrassing accidents with the simple and clear ringing of your new PoochieBells
  • Easy proven training instructions included; your pup will be happily ringing their potty bells in just 3 simple steps
  • Measures approximately 26in from any doorknob; suitable for both dogs and doorknobs of all ages, shapes and sizes
  • Premium materials; always lead-free, smooth, and reinforced for safety; proudly handcrafted in the USA
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