Petstages dental chew pack is a perfect trio of toys for you your small breed chewers

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Petstages Mini Chew Pack Everything Else

  • PUPPY CHEW TOY TRIO: This mini chew toy set comes with 3 different types of toys to address all aspects of your puppy's dental health—1 Mini Orka Pinecone, 1 Mini Cool Chew, & 1 Mini Dental Rope.
  • MINI ORKA PINECONE MASSAGES GUMS: The Mini Orka Pinecone is made of durable Orka TPE rubber and a ridged texture to massage your pup's gums as they chew, bite, and play. This fun toy can also bounce and float!
  • MINI DENTAL ROPE TOY REMOVES SOFT TARTAR: The Mini Dental Rope ... Read More
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