This door gives your pet all the freedom he needs. This solid aluminum frame installs easily and the soft, transparent single flap provides a tight weather seal. The locking panel on the interior door ensures that you're always in control of when and how the door is used.

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PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Dog and Cat Door with Durable White Frame and Tinted Vinyl Flap, Indoor and Outdoor, Easy to Install, Large and X-Large Pet Safe Aluminum Large Door Pet Supplies

  • GIVE YOUR PETS FREEDOM: No more planning your schedule around potty breaks, your four-legged friends can come and go on their time
  • SOLID ALUMINUM FRAME: Designed to withstand wear and tear, the strong metal frame with its reinforced aluminum corners can handle active and multi-pet households
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Includes a flexible, tinted flap; great for indoor and outdoor storm, wood, PVC, and metal doors
  • CONTROL YOUR PETS’ ACCESS: Use the slide-in closing... Read More
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