The Petego Kar 9 Keeper is a universal (fits virtually any car), fully portable and completely adjustable car safety pet containment system. The K9K beats all conventional barriers in quality, functionality and style. It eliminates any possible assembly damage common with "compressing barriers" and excludes any drilling or clipping normally needed on "permanent barriers". The K9K remains solidly attached to the headrests stems present in virtually every auto vehicle. It's made of high-resistance square steel tubing with solid galvanized steel 75 degree elbows and reinforced double thickness round tube extensions (1.8 mm). It features solid built in adjustable clamps and a neutral color for reduced visual impact. Extremely compact packaging for shipping and storing.

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Petego Kar 9 Keeper Car Barrier for Pet Automotive Safety Pet Supplies

  • K9 keeper universal pet safety barrier alluminium
  • Safety and security for your pet
  • Adjusts to fit most any car interior
  • Rigid frame breaks down for easy storage ... Read More
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