Cat owners will do just about anything to keep their feline friends healthy and happy. Now there is CatSure™ nutritional supplement formulated to meet the nutrient needs of aging cats. This completely balanced liquid nutritional diet gives senior cats the essential nutrients and fluid intake they require to keep purring through the years. CatSure comes in convenient 12 oz. cans from the maker of KMR®. Cats love it for its highly palatable rich and creamy vanilla flavor. You’ll love it for the way it moves off your shelves. Longevity Fact: Cats are living longer due to advances in health care, nutrition and environment (i.e. more indoor-only cats). It’s vital they receive the right nutrients to maintain health as they age. High in antioxidants. Healthy level of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Contains flaxseed oil, a great source of DHA. Supports necessary fluid intake. Lactose-free for sensitive animals; milk proteins for easy digestibility. High quality protein with amino acids adjusted for better utilization. Provides essential vitamins and minerals. Promotes healthy skin and coat. Formulated to compliment regular diets.

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PetAg CatSure Senior Nutritional Supplement 11oz Pet Supplies

  • Lactose free
  • High in antioxidants
  • High quality protein with amino acids adjusted for better utilization
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat ... Read More
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