Pettag Classic

No Bark, No Shock

The Pettag Classic collar features vibration and sound stimulation, a great, painless way to train your dog to stop barking excessively. The choice of vibration or sound allows you to select the most effective distraction stimulation for your dog to stop the excessive barking without the use of aggressive shocks or jolts. How the collar works is simple. When the dog barks the collar is activated; the vibration or sound then distracts the dog’s attention away from the reason for barking. In the beginning of no bark training, it is also important to give your dog a verbal command to stop barking to reinforce the collar stimulation. Don’t forget to reward you dog with a treat for good behavior during the training.

You can set the desired correction level from low to high depending on the type of dog the collar is used on. When using the Classic No Bark Collar, be sure to remove all other collars or tags. The Classic No Bark Collar is made with an adjustable collar strap, ensuring that it will fit comfortably on your dog’s neck. It is a great, effective and economical way to help train your dog and reduce his or her barking.

Product Features

Two sizes- Large and small

Two modes- Comes with vibration or sound options

Two correction levels on small collar- Gives the option of both low and high correction

Three correction levels on large collar- Gives option of low, medium and high correction levels

Reinforced collar strap-Makes for a durable and long-lasting collar

Great collar for dogs who learn quickly

The Classic No Bark Collar corrects most barking problems in under a month without the use of electric shock or pain. The collars work best when they are fit snug to your dog’s neck. Pet owners are encouraged to praise the dog when it reacts as well as give them a treat to enhance the training. The units are very affordable compared to other units on the market. Although the collars are shower-proof they are not waterproof, so do not leave your Pettag Classic Collar on your dog when he or she will be submerged in water for long periods of time.

Vibration Mode vs. Sound Mode

The Vibration mode gives you a choice of settings which allows you to control the correction. The larger model has three levels of sensitivity and the small model has two levels. The sound mode releases a high frequency sound that distracts your dog from barking. Both methods are very humane in that NO electrical shock is used. Your dog will learn not bark without ever experiencing pain from the Pettag Classic No Bark Collar.

Large Size vs. Small Size

The Pettag Classic No Bark collar is available in two sizes ensuring a comfortable fit for almost any dog. The Small Collar is suitable for dogs between 8-25 pounds. The large collar is for dogs over 25 pounds.

Battery Operated

Three LR-44 batteries are included with the Classic No Bark Collar and typically last 30 days, depending on how much your dog barks. Replacement batteries are available (sold separately).The Pettag Classic No Bark Collar will help provide you with a great training method to prevent your dog from barking. Whether you live in a quiet neighborhood or in tight city quarters, the Classic No Bark Collar is the ideal opportunity to keep your dogs barking to a minimum.

The Pettag Classic No Bark Collar is backed by a one year warranty.

Bestseller (lists)

Pet Tag Classic No Bark Collar, Red, Small. Barking Deterrent Collars Pet Supplies

  • No-Bark training collar for dogs between 8-25 pounds
  • Two levels of stimulation; Action of bark activates collar
  • Shower proof, not waterproof
  • No electric shock; Made with an adjustable collar
  • For best results make collar as snug to the neck as possible,please refer the user manual for instructions ... Read More
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