Activity center for Macaws and Cockatoos. This large toy stimulates physically, challenges intellectually and provides entertainment. Lots of multi-colored blocks to entice your bird Lots of multi-colored blocks to entice your bird 100% Cotton rope and natural sisal rope knots can be untied by clever birds Great chewing and preening toy.

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Featherland Paradise, Knots 'n Blocks, Playground Bird Toy for Playing, Chewing, & Preening, Medium, Multicolored Pet Chew Toys Pet Supplies

  • ENGAGING: The bright, multicolored wood blocks and knots are designed to keep your bird engaged and busy for hours
  • VERSATILE: Your bird will love to use the Knots 'n Blocks toy as a gym on which to swing, climb, exercise, and play
  • QUALITY: Created from pet-safe materials such as 100% cotton rope, wood, and natural sisal rope. The materials are perfect for conditioning a beak while the fabric textures help stimulate both beak and foot activity
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The... Read More
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