Lixit no drip dog water bottle has a patented valve with ball tip. Flip top lid for easy filling. The bottle is flat on two sides so it can be mounted inside or outside of a crate. Clamp mounts on two positions on the bottle for greater height adjustment ability. Ideal for travel cages. Comes in 44-ounce capacity. Assorted Colors - Purple and Blue

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Lixit Top Fill No Drill Water Bottles for Dogs Everything Else

  • MADE FOR LARGE DOGS: unlike other water bottles marketed for dogs, the lixit top fill water bottle is made using an extra large tube to meet the watering needs of large pets . the tube is made from 304 american stainless steel that is commonly found in food preparation. we finish our tubes till they have a satin finish like quality silverware.
  • FILL FROM THE TOP: the Lixit top fill dog bottle features a lid on the top that allows you to fill the bottle without removing it from the cage... Read More
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