Keepsafe® Expansion Gates with their patented design prevents pinch points and choke points without any plastic coverings. This eliminates injury from chipped, broken or chewed off plastic. The pivot points are designed to allow maximum expansion without exceeding J.P.M.A. certification specifications. Extra tall height varies from 33" fully closed to 30½" fully extended. It attaches at four points and is hinged to swing 270 degrees to allow unobstructed use of the opening, collapsing to the industries' narrowest gate, when not in use. Industry exclusive center-mounted leg makes the gate sturdy even when fully extended and its rubber stop prevents damage to the floor. Ideal for top of stairs with exclusive "Sure-Stop" floor bracket for ultimate security. Exclusive auto slide bracket prevents overextending while keeping the gate level and close to the floor. One hand latching and unlatching makes for ease of use. (Installation involves only four #6 Phillips screws and two-eyelets. All mounting hardware is included.)

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GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate, 84 Inches Baby

  • Patented pet gate keeps your furry friend confined to her special area
  • No pinch points or choke points or danger of injury from chipped, broken, or chewed plastic
  • Stretches as wide as 84 inches and as high as 33 inches
  • Easy installation with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Includes all mounting hardware ... Read More
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