This Black flexi Freedom Retractable Dog Leash is for extra small dogs that weigh 18 pounds or less. Its retractable cord extends up to 10 feet. The flexi Freedom leash is our standard and most popular leash model. It is designed for typical walking environments and offers your pet "freedom on the leash". The flexi Freedom is available in 6 colors and 4 sizes that vary by weight limit, handle type and total leash length. Over the past 40 years, flexi retractable leashes have become a must-have item for pet owners around the world. flexi retractable leashes are known for their high-quality, superior durability and attractive design. The patented one-hand braking and recoil system allows you to maintain full control of your dog during your walks together. This innovative system is integrated into the leash's ergonomic handle so it's easy to adjust the leash to an appropriate length for your surroundings. The lock button allows the leash to stay at a constant length. All flexi retractable leashes come with a Safety Precautions & Directions pamphlet that describes how and when to use flexi retractable leashes properly. A safety collar is included with every package and it should be used while walking your dog on any flexi retractable leash. All flexi retractable leashes are proudly handmade in Germany and are covered by a Limited Manufacture Warranty. Please note that this warranty does not cover damage caused by dog chewing, rough surfaces or other misuse or abuse.

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Flexi Freedom Retractable Cord Dog Leash, Extra Small, 10-Feet Long, Supports up to 18-Pound, Black Pet Leashes Pet Supplies

  • Made in Germany & Covered by Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Retractable Cord Dog Leash Extends up to 10 Feet
  • Supports Dogs up to 18 Pounds
  • Packaging Includes Safety Collar & Directions Pamphlet
  • Product Dimensions: 4.25 x 3.00 x 1.15 ... Read More
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  • Collars
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