Travel with your best friend in safety with this Pet Booster Seat! The Pet Booster Seat allows you to drive comfortably with your pet. No longer worry about your pet sliding or falling out of the seat when you take it for car rides. Simply strap the booster seat to the back cushion of the passenger side and place your dog comfortably in its chair. The zippered front compartment makes traveling even easier allowing you to bring along your pets favorite treats and toys.

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Etna Pet Booster Seat Automotive Pet Booster Seats Pet Supplies

  • Provides a safe ride for your pooch- keeps them from falling and injuring themselves
  • Adjustable straps fit most stand Car seats- puppy Booster Seat holds up to 10 lbs
  • Zippered pocket in the front to keep your dogs favorite toys and treats
  • Faux sheepskin outer lining keeps your pet comfortable, bottom of seat is not lined to allow easy clean ups and to add your preferred bottom lining, such as pillows or blankets.
  • This is ONLY suitable for small dogs up to... Read More
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