Handmade from 100% sheep wool, Le Sharma Eco-Turtle are durable and beautiful. They are soft enough for your dog to baby and strong enough to withstand its attacks. There are no seams as this has been felted so there is nothing to rip open like other plush toys. Because there is no stuffing, there is no clump of mess to clean up. It is also free of AZO dyes that are harmful to humans and animals. It is suitable for both indoor and the outdoors. Why Wool? Wool has structural and physical properties that make it naturally durable, resilient and elastic. It resists wrinkling, tearing, soiling and burning. In addition, it retains its shape and repels moisture. Wool is eco-friendly because it is a natural and renewable material. Story behind the products: These toys are handmade in Nepal and by purchasing these toys; you are helping Nepali women provide for their families and giving them an enriched quality of life. These handmade products have been prepared by hardworking women from the beautiful country of Nepal. Their livelihoods have been sustained from the sales of these products and you and your pet are sure to enjoy the artwork of these talented women. Cautions: For pet use only. Not a child's toy. No pet toy is indestructible. Not a chew toy! Not edible. Play toy only. Supervision required. Remove if your pet tries to bite off or swallow pieces of toy.

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