Dogit Foam Cartridge for Dogit Design Fresh & Clear is replacement Carbon Filters for Catit Design Cat Drinking Fountain. They help the filters collect debris, food, hair and sediment. Having activated carbon helps absorb water impurities, ensuring your cat or dog is drinking fresh and clean water.

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Dogit Fresh & Clear Drinking Water Fountain, Elevated Dog Water Dispenser, Replacement Filters, 3 Pack Pet Self Waterers Pet Supplies

  • Replacement carbon cartridges for the Zeus Fresh & Clear Dog Water Fountains
  • Activated carbon helps absorb water impurities
  • Collects debris, food, dog fur or dog hair and sediment from your pets drinking water
  • Ensures your dog or cat is drinking fresh and clean water
  • Contains 3 foam filter cartridges ... Read More
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  • Feeding and Watering

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