Comfy Cone is a soft cone shaped e-collar which is Veterinary tested and approved for cats and dogs and is made of foam backed nylon and comes in 4 sizes and in black or tan. Has Velcro closures that adjusts to many different sizes. Is water resistant and repellent and easy to wipe clean. Has elastic loops at neck to thread pets collar through to keep from being pulled off. Can be folded back for added freedom while eating and drinking or when checking wounds and irratations. Has a reflective outer edge for safety when walking at night. Is reversible and folds flat for easy storage. Is soft and yielding while being very sturdy and protective.

Sizing Chart

Comfy Cone Size Neck to Snout Length Neck Circumference Size Recommended Animal XSmall 11 cm/4.25 inches 9 3/4 in - 12 1/2 in Chihuahua sized dogs, cats, & kittens Small 14 cm/5.5 inches 10 in - 14 in Maltese, Yorkies, larger cats Small-Long 20 cm/8 inches 10 in - 14 in Dachshund, Jack Russells, Italian Greyhounds Medium 20 cm/8 inches 12 in - 15 in French Bulldog, etc. Large 25 cm/10 inches 14 in - 22 in Boxer, American Bulldog, Australian Shepherds Medium-Extra Long 30 cm/12 inches 12 in - 15 in Greyhounds, Standard Poodles XLarge 30 cm/12 inches 21 in - 25 in Golden Retriever’s & German Shepherd's XXLarge 36.5 cm/14.5 inches 20 in- 27 in Great Pyrenees, Great Danes, Shepherds & Ridgebacks (with longer snouts)

Bestseller (lists)

The Original Comfy Cone by All Four Paws, Soft Pet Recovery Collar with Removable Stays, Extra Large, Black Pet Recovery Collars Pet Supplies

  • NOTE : Kindly refer the size chart image available before purchasing the product
  • Velcro closures for custom fit and easy on-off and Loops at neck to securely thread pet’s collar through
  • Removable plastic stays to add structure when needed and reversible, inside-out and front-to-back
  • Water resistant & repellent plus easy to wipe clean with soap and water
  • Veterinarian tested and approved
  • Patented soft cone-shaped e-collar made with foam-... Read More
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