Changing or adding dog tags has never been easier EZ Change identification clips are available in nickel or brass-plated finish and packaged in convenient 2-packs.

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EZ Change Dog I.D. Clip with Silencer Pet Identification Tags Pet Supplies

  • DOG TAGS: The EZ CHANGE Dog ID Clip is ideal for everyday use
  • DOG ID TAGS: Set of two EZ CHANGE Dog ID Clips
  • DOG TAG CLIP: The EZ CHANGE Dog ID Clip features a tangle-free design which silences multiple tags
  • EZ CHANGE DOG ID CLIP: These dog tags are quick and easy to use
  • EZ CHANGE: The EZ CHANGE Dog ID Clip is an essential accessory for any dog; designed to quickly attach to your dog's collar and is easier to used compared to similar products, including G... Read More
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