An excellent tethering alternative if ground-stakes are not possible, such as in soft or sandy ground. The 100' Skyline Trolley comes with all the hardware and parts you need for a complete system including a down line, die-cast pulley and screw hooks. The direct-connect, clasp design is stronger and more reliable than traditional clasps. The double-swivel feature reduces the chances of the cable tangling. The trolley is easy to assemble and install. Recommended for dogs up to 60 pounds.

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Boss Pet - Prestige 100ft Skyline Trolly Boss Pet Products Pet Leashes Pet Supplies

  • Allows Dog the Freedom To Roam Between Two Specific Points
  • Premium quality vinyl coated galvanized steel aircraft cable
  • Patented, premium quality swivel snaps help reduce tangling
  • Patented DIrect-Connect system connects swivel snaps directly to cabling for a strong and secure connection
  • Built for Longevity with high quality materials, in three lengths for dogs up to 60 lbs ... Read More
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