Best Friends Foods, Best Feline Friend or Best Friends Forever Our foods are just that -- The best you can get for your furry little feline purr machine. With a high quality protein focus and limited carbohydrates, your kitty will enjoy BFF's Grain Free, Low Fat recipes that also deliver the High Moisture your cat needs. If your cat is your BFF, then feed them the Best Feline Food.

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Weruva BFF OMG Charm Me Tuna Chicken Dinner in Gravy Wet Cat Food Pouches (12x3oz) Wet Pet Food Pouches Pet Supplies

  • Featuring wild-caught red meat skipjack tuna - a small sustainable fish & a cut of tuna cats can't resist
  • Minimally processed and FREE OF Grain, Gluten, GMOs, MSGs and any other bad stuff. That means NO corn, soy, wheat, or artificial colors or preservatives!
  • Complete and balanced diet for adult maintenance with added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Low in ash, magnesium & phosphorus with proper moisture levels to promote a healthy urinary tract
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