All dogs love interactive play, and unique toys are always more fun than average ones.

EXPAWLORER Plush Toy Features:
1.The core is centred around a ball(Octopus head), which means that it is great for throwing as well as cuddly and chewing.
2.Soft plush protects your dog’s mouth while he plays.
3.The thick girth enhances durability of the design and perfectly satisfies your dog’s urge to chew.
4.This design can even be used by two or more dogs together, giving them all the entertainment factor.

The toy is NOT good for power aggressive chewers.

Be patient with your best friend and constantly try to keep up with his education.
Reward his good behavior with healthy treats and continue interactive play with his toys. This is good exercise and helps strengthen the bond between you.
At this time you may now need to have our toys to make playtime more enjoyable.

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