Eco Turtle-100% natural boiled wool Puppy and Dog toys- Stuffing Free- Design in USA by Le Sharma- Large Size 10″ inch

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Handmade from 100% sheep wool, Le Sharma Eco-Turtle are durable and beautiful. They are soft enough for your dog to baby and strong enough to withstand its attacks. There are no seams as this has been felted so there is nothing to rip open like other plush toys. Because there is no stuffing, there is no clump of mess to clean up. It is also free of AZO dyes that are harmful to humans and animals. It is suitable for both indoor and the outdoors.

Why Wool?
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Tuffy Barnyard Pig

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Polly – Piggy is a playful pal with a style all her own. Prancing practically all day long, you will not find a more perfect playmate for your pup. With little pink flowers and plenty of panache, Polly Piggy is sure to please even the most particular and precocious pooches. Your Pooch is sure to be pleased with this fun and adventurous toy. For interactive play with one or multiple dogs. Polly does not squeak. Easy to toss and Floats. — soft edges won't hurt gums. Each Barnyard toy is made with 4 layers. 2 layers are made of industrial grade luggage material, 1 layer of plastic coating, and the other layer is made of soft fleece on the outside. All of these layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material. Each toy is sewn together with 2 layers of cross stitching and then 2 layers of linear stitching. After the toy is sewn together an additional piece of black trim is added to cover the four rows of stitching. This extra piece of black trim is sewn with 3 linear stitches to give the product a total of 7 seams. These toys are machine washable (air dry) and float. The Barnyard Series are not guaranteed due to their detailed construction.

Free standing pet gate

Easy to Install and Even Easier to Remove: Free Standing Pet Gates
Keep Your Best Friend Safe with A Free-Standing Pet Gate
Customizable, Stylish and Lightweight: Free-Standing Pet Gates
Free-Standing Dog Gates and How They Can Help You

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Free standing pet gates are a very popular way of keeping your dog’s safe while you’re not there. They are easy to install and even easier to remove when you want to let the dogs out. Generally free-standing pet gates are a little bit more customizable and can fit in with your home furnishing a bit better than indoor dog gates which are typically metal and plastic. These gates are lightweight, and can keep a lot of dogs out of the places you don’t want them. The only issue is that if you have a big dog they can easily push the gate out of the way and get into the rooms. Smaller dogs will have much more difficulty doing this and you won’t need to worry about them getting into any mischief while you’re not there.
Free standing pet gates are good for small dogs and people who don’t want to install anything permanent into their home. They can be easily removed for parties, kids or dogs but that’s really it. Kid’s will be able to get through them, dogs can get through them if they are big enough and that may not end up the way you want it to. These gates are durable and resistant to any chewing that the pets may do to the gate. This is good because dogs get stressed out and they like to chew things, and if there aren’t any toys around they are going to chew any item around.
These gates are made of durable material like wood, plastic and lighter metals and still maintain a modern feel and are easily collapsible to fit anywhere. They can be stored in closets, under beds or behind doors when they aren’t needed. The free-standing gates are very good if you have a small dog that does not require much space to move around during the daytime or just needs to be kept in an area while you do other things in your home. The gates are also good if you entertain guests at your home on a frequent basis as well.
Bigger dogs will be able to hop over these gates pretty easily because they don’t get much higher than a few feet high. If you have a bigger dog you may want to introduce the gate in a more frequent manner than you would with a smaller dog. The big dog will have to be trained to not jump over and deal with the repercussions if they do make it out. However, if this is done correctly then you may not run into any issues with the dog and the gate. They may just ignore it and carry on with their day. Cats, on the other hand, do not care about training and will probably jump over the gate whenever they please. Luckily cats do not eat as many household items as dogs do so you won’t need to worry about them getting into any harm when the gate is up.
Free standing dog gates do come in a wide variety of sizes. There are some for wide archways and doorways, stair cases, accordion style folding, and even ones made of exotic wood. If you search hard enough you can find the perfect gate for any place in your home that will match the exact specifications you require. The adaptability of this style of gate is what really makes it exciting because even if you move homes you won’t have to dismantle a permanent fixture from the door way, you will simply have to fold it up and pack it away and then unfold it to fit the new place you want it. This will save you hours of headaches in the future and give you more time to focus on other aspects of your life.
The free-standing gate will be an excellent addition to your home and can provide that small reassurance that your best friend is being kept safe and out of harm’s way when you aren’t watching. With their lightweight designs and customizable styles there is a pet gate that can fit into any part of your home.

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Indoor dog gates with door


Keep Your Dog Safe with An Indoor Dog Gate

Freedoms and Restrictions: Indoor Dog Gates

Let Your Dog Roam Free, But Only When You Want with an Indoor Dog Gate with A Door

Indoor Dog Gates with A Door May Be the Solution to Your Roaming Friend


Man’s best friend has become a household staple in most suburbs and even cities. They are specifically bred for different activities, shows, and to be special. But your dog is special in its own way, whether it be the way they dig your yard up, chew on your slippers or nuzzle up to you during a thunderstorm. The last thing you want to happen is for your best friend to get into some mischief where they shouldn’t be. A dog gate with a door may be the thing you didn’t know you needed. These are customizable gates that fit right into your various doorways and keep your dog safe. They are made of quality materials that are not harmful to anyone or anything inside of your household. You may be asking, “why would I need this item?” and I have one simple answer for you, so that your dog doesn’t eat anything that may be harmful to their health.

According to there are over 100,000 cases of dogs being accidentally poisoned a year. Dogs are a curious animal and they will eat whatever they want including: food left on the floor, dropped medicine, small clothing and a whole lot of other things. These dogs don’t know anything about what they’re eating and as owners we have to make sure that they can stay safe so indoor dog gates will help with that. If you have a small dog a simple 3 feet high dog gate will suffice, they won’t be able to hop over it and break into the places they shouldn’t be. If your dog is a bit bigger you will need a higher gate to prevent them from getting out. The bigger dogs also tend to be a bit more creative with how they find ways out, they may even find out a way to open the gate if they are smart enough. But, smaller dogs like terriers and Chihuahuas will probably just hang out until you return. These gates are securely placed in the door way and should not be able to be knocked over by the dogs. There are even some gates that are made up of steel and originally constructed to keep children away from stairs. This is good but they are a bit bulky and there aren’t any small pet doors on them. The addition of the door is very nice because you don’t have to remove the gate every time you want to let your dog into other rooms of your house. This style gate is one size fits most for the doorways so you will need to do some measuring before you decide to purchase the gate. However, there are some gates that are expandable on the sides and able to fit in a variety of doorways. If you have a few doorways in your house that are wider or narrower than standard doors this may be the way to go. They do run a little bit more in price but are well worth the investment.

I personally have the expandable gate and that has helped keep my dogs in the rooms I want them in and out of the ones I don’t. The one I have is made of wood and fits the décor in my house a little better than a plastic or metal one. Luckily, I was able to find some customizable gates so that I could have it blend in with the house and not stand out like a sore thumb. This did run my price up a bit, but style was worth it. I have a German Shepard and a golden retriever so I needed a heavier gate, and a bit sturdier, but if you have smaller dogs then you can save a little cash and get something lightweight and secure.

An indoor dog gate is an excellent investment if you have kids, tend to be messy or just want to ensure the safety of your dog. They are relatively inexpensive and will fit in to your house as if it was meant to be there. It will be a bit of a shock to your dog at first, but don’t worry they will get used to it and appreciate you looking out for them at the end of the day.